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Here you are and you are of ours, handicrafts are the best.  You do not want on your shirt the logo of a horse playing polo, not a crocodile or a swallow.  Also, you do not want to be charged 10 times its value just for that.  You look for articles or  handicrafts with their own personality, impressive and that define you.

We have crafts of all kinds, for all tastes and ages. It does not matter if you like flowers or Harley Davidson.

Craftsmanship are expressions of the soul.  Maybe with time and gray hair we will change our tastes. but what we are, our identity never.


Crafts refers to both the work of the craftsman (usually done manually by a person without the help of machinery or automation).  Such as the object or product obtained in which each piece is different from the others.  Crafts as a material activity differ from serial or industrial work.  For a vessel to be such it must be worked by hand and less industrial processes will have more craft.

Craftsmanship is a totally cultural object, since it has the peculiarity of varying according to the culture, landscape, climate and history of the place.

South America Crafts
South America Crafts

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